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Royce Wood Classic Glazes Impression Glazes

Classic Glazes

Impression Glazes

Our original  collection of handmade tiles glazes is the Classic Glaze range. Featuring our trademark variegated glazes with every tile displaying its own subtle characteristics and no two exactly alike. The beautiful oxide glazes are applied by hand in several layers to achieve the right effect of delicate pooling and blending of the glaze across the surface of the tiles. This is necessarily a time consuming method of making but is impossible to achieve the stunning results without this attention to technique and detail. The range  comprises vibrant reds and oranges, such as Salsa Orange and Poppy, watery and refreshing blues and greens including Atlantic, Ocean and Pacific and the sophisticated molten metallic Bronze and Mercury glazes.  Experimentation with more unusual glazing techniques combined with the creation of our Studio glazes is what sets Royce Wood tiles apart from run of the mill tiles. With the Classic Collection a wide variety of stunning innovative textural effects is available and a increasing range of glazes means the combinations of texture, shape and colour are endless.

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The latest addition to the Royce Wood glaze palette is the Impression Glaze range.  Inspired by the works and techniques of the Impressionist painters this collection has been over ten years in the making. As with the Classic Glaze range the defining feature of the impression glazes is the beautiful subtle tones which are hallmarks of a Royce Wood tile.  The glazes have a special, almost magical quality, with a beautiful depth  of colour with effects evocative of impressionist paintings or a Turner sky. The Impression glazes melt and fuse over the tile surface creating  swirling, smoky dreamlike effects. The Impressionist painters technique of painting wet on wet encouraged us us to apply the glazes in a similar way, creating a wonderful reaction between the different colours, oxides and stains which slowly evolve in the high temperature kiln firing.  Impression glazes are available on a range of different tile formats including square, rectangle, hexagon, fan shape, rhombus and circle and if you would like a special shape creating we would be pleased to help.

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