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Technical Specifications

All our variegated glaze tiles are fired to very high temperature and very durable. They are suitable for all interior surfaces including kitchen walls, kitchen surfaces, bathroom walls, showers, fireplace surrounds and hearths. We do not recommend their use as floor tiles where the surfaces may become scratched.

The tiles are very hard and are best cut using a diamond wheel electric tile cutter. Some of the tiles in both the Classic Collection and the Impression Collection may show a degree of crazing over time. This naturally occurring process does not adversely affect the tiles in any way and is a natural characteristic of high quality handmade tiles.

As all tiles created by Royce Wood are individually handmade and hand-painted there are subtle differences between tiles of the same glaze. The hand-applied glazes melt, pool and fuse in the alchemy of the kiln firings to create the tonal quality unique to Royce Wood.

There will also be minor differences in size and shape of the tiles as each piece is hand-cut. Minor marks and blemishes may be seen on the tile surface. The are naturally occurring features of handmade tiles. If any tiles are found to be cracked or broken they will of course be replaced


Meadow tile mix. Handmade tile splashback Wheat tiles. Handmade tile splashback Impression Art tiles. Kitchen splashback. How many tiles will I need?

         Tile Size

Tiles per

square metre

50 x 50 mm


20 x 150mm


100 x 50 mm


75 x 75 mm


100 x 100 mm


150 x 75 mm


150 x 100 mm


200 x 100 mm