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As professional fine artists Peter Wood and team based in Royce Wood Studio Ltd are always looking for the next opportunity to translate your tiling project ideas into reality. Since 1997, they have led a life fully devoted to ceramic tile and glaze design. Through a meticulous approach creating and producing innovative ceramic products, they’ve made a strong and positive impression in the industry and are recognised as one of the world's leading handmade tiles studios. They’d love to work with you in the future on your creative tiling projects for commercial and domestic installation so please be in touch!

What makes Royce Wood tiles special?

The defining characteristic of our handmade tiles is the unique tonal variegation of the glazes. 

Subtle blending of oxides and stains react with each other in the cauldron of the high temperature kiln firing and creates the signature Royce Wood glazes. Every tile is hand dipped before being fired, often multiple times to develop the glaze. 

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